Once again the UFC is providing a pay-per-view quality lineup of fights for FREE and available to everyone with UFC on FOX on Saturday night. If you are new to MMA (mixed martial arts), now is a great time to give a try and see for yourself how exciting this sport is. Here is my preview of the event and predictions for a few of the matchups.

The preliminary fights can be seen on the FX network starting at 4pm. The main card will air on FOX at 7pm. The main card for UFC on FOX features the first ever defense of the UFC Flyweight title…the final UFC fight for an MMA legend…and a potential “fight of the year” matchup…and that’s where I will begin.

Anthony "Showtime" Pettis vs. Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone

Pettis/Cerrone - UFC Facebook page

This fight could very easily end up being one of the best fights of the year…and it could also end up lasting about 30 seconds. Cerrone and Pettis are two of the most exciting fighters in the lightweight division (155 lbs). Both men like to finish fights, and both have great submission skills. They are both also very dynamic and effective strikers. So this could be a 3-round slugfest or a first round KO or submission…either way should be very exciting and fun to watch. Both men are coming off two impressive wins in a row, and both men are hoping for a shot at the lightweight belt.

On the UFC’s website they have a chart for each fighter that breaks down their strengths by percentage. The charts for Cerrone and Pettis are almost identical in every category…which makes this fight, in my opinion, a toss-up. But I’ll make a prediction anyway.

My prediction: I don’t think this fight will end in the first round. Neither man has ever been knocked out, and I don’t think either man will gas out. So I predict this fight will go the distance and be decided by the judges…and I predict that Anthony Pettis will win by decision.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira

Jackson/Teixeira - UFC Facebook page

Rampage Jackson is one of the most famous (infamous) and recognizable fighters in the world, and has a ton of experience. Jackson claims this will be his final fight in the UFC, and perhaps one of the last fights in his career. His opponent on Saturday night is Glover Teixeira, an up and coming fighter from Brazil who is making waves in the UFC light heavyweight division (205 lbs).

It’s no secret that Jackson likes to keep the fight standing and use his boxing skills. Teixeira, however is a very well rounded fighter who can go wherever the fight takes him. Jackson is coming off of two losses in a row, as opposed to Teixeira, who has won 17 fights in a row and hasn’t lost since 2006. Dang!

My prediction: This is a tough one for me. The sentimental pick would be for Jackson…but I’m not sure if he’s got what it takes anymore. So my prediction is that Glover Teixeira will win this fight by submission in the 2nd round.

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson vs. John “The Magician” Dodson

Johnson/Dodson - UFC Facebook page

The main event of the night features the little guys…the smallest in the UFC in fact. The flyweight division (125 lbs) is still relatively new to the UFC. This is actually the first title defense for this division. “Mighty Mouse” Johnson is the champ by the way. These guys are super fast and they never stop moving. Cardio shouldn’t be an issue for either fighter. Johnson has looked really impressive since coming to the UFC…his only loss came against Dominick Cruz in a higher weight class. But his opponent, Dodson, is on a bit of a tear himself. He is 3-0 in the UFC and the winner of season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter.

It’s really interesting to look at the chart I mentioned earlier for these two guys…their strengths couldn’t be much more different. Johnson’s strength is takedown ability at 66%...compared to Dodson, who’s chart is 100% striking. I guess it’ll come down to which guy can impose his will on the other.

My prediction: Both of these guys are so quick and elusive that I don’t think we will see a knockout, and I don’t think there is a real threat for a submission either. So that means it will be in the hands of the judges. And more times than not the current champ wins a decision…and I think that’s what will happen on Saturday. Demetrious Johnson defends his belt and wins by decision.