As I sat and watched the UFC 166 pay-per-view on Saturday night - realizing it was one of the best all around UFC events in a long time - I turned to my bodies and said "I can't wait to see the Phantom Cam footage for this fight!" Since I was sitting with a group of guys who are mostly new to MMA and the UFC, they didn't know what the Phantom Cam was. So I got to explain that is a super high speed, high definition camera the UFC has been using for the past several months. That means they can slow down the action, way down, so you can really see the affects of each punch, kick, knee or elbow.

Generally, the week following an event, the UFC puts out a highlight video of footage captured by the Phantom Cam. I knew the UFC 166 footage would be awesome! In case you missed the ppv, you missed one of the very best fights in the history of the UFC. I'm referring to a lightweight bout between Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez, which had UFC commentator Joe Rogan claiming it's the best fight he's ever seen (and he's seen about a million fights). Trust me when I tell you to try and find this fight somewhere and watch it. The picture at the top of the page is Diego Sanchez and the mail slot that opened up on his eyebrow early in the fight. Did that stop him, or even slow him down? Not a damn chance!

We didn't think any other fight that night would come close to the battle between Melendez and Sanchez, but the main event damn near did. The UFC Heavyweight belt was on the line as champ Cain Velasquez fought former champ Junior Dos Santos for the third time - and those big boys did not disappoint either.

Okay, I've said enough...time to watch the video now (for about the tenth time for me).