A couple of correctional officers working at the Indiana State Prison have reportedly been released from the hospital after being stabbed earlier last week by an inmate.

Pam James, a spokesperson for the prison said that even though one of the guards was treated after the incident at a nearby hospital and returned to work later that evening, the second guard wasn’t that lucky, sustaining injuries so severe that he had to be air lifted to a medical facility in Indianapolis.

James said that the two officers were attacked by 34-year-old inmate Terrance Swann in the general population of the maximum-security prison facility in Michigan City, Indiana. Swann is currently serving a 130-year prison sentence for two murders he committed in 1999 during a home invasion.

Even though Swann is more likely to die in prison than make his release date in 2066, the LaPorte County Prosecutor’s Office is still considering filing new charges against him.