A few weeks ago, the Townsquare Media Evansville interns [Josh Allsopp, Alyssa Rainey and Heather Stupeck] entered a nation-wide company competition where they had to submit photos showcasing their best 7-Up Moment or why they are One-of-a-Kind like Dr. Pepper. The interns took photos around downtown Evansville and got some amazing shots featuring the two soft drinks. They also had to submit an essay explaining why they are a "one-of-a-kind" person and what their ultimate "up moment" would consist of.

The interns' coordinator, Ashley Sollars said, "One of our goals is to teach our interns about all facets of our company - radio, digital, live events and all the other projects that pop up. You have to be creative and innovative every day and we try to allow our interns to learn by doing. This competition was great practice for them and they can also use this experience on their resume."

It was announced yesterday that their photo portfolio won the photo competition! Check out their best photos below and the video featuring several entries.