Actor and former model (yes, obviously) Tom Hardy is more than just a pretty face and an insane body (INSANE) -- he's also a diverse and sensitive guy who does good deeds and takes care of his family, which is more than enough to make us swoon.

You may recognize him from the dream-within-a-dream movie 'Inception.' Or the romantic comedy 'This Means War,' in which Hardy and Chris Pine fight over Reese Witherspoon and leave you wondering why Reese Witherspoon should get everything and you should be walking to your car with leftover movie theater popcorn to take home and eat by yourself.

Ugh, life is so not cool sometimes.

In addition, Hardy starred in this year's bootlegging drama 'Lawless,' and also in 'The Dark Knight Rises' as masked maniac Bane -- a move that left us wondering why the hell anyone would cover his beautiful face like that. Director Christopher Nolan should be punished for crimes against humanity for that one.

So let's take a moment to appreciate Tom Hardy in his many swoon-worthy forms, okay? Regardless of your taste, we've found a Tom Hardy for everyone.

Here he is looking scrappy, scruff, and mischievous, but very well-dressed. Meet Edgy Tom Hardy:


Tom Hardy with a miniature Batman fan -- he loves kids and even has his own, so we'll call this Family Style Tom Hardy:


Are you a cat lady? No worries! Cat Lady Tom Hardy is for you:


Clean-cut, sharp-dressed Hardy, for the conservative woman on the go:


If you prefer your Hardy shirtless and bulky, try Turnt-Up Tom Hardy -- bonus: he comes with tattoos!


Perhaps you need a more sensitive Hardy, and for that we have Sensible Sweater Tom Hardy, who will come to you hat-in-hand like a real gentleman:

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