I love perusing around Craigslist. My favorites are the "Creative" section and the "Free" section. However, I found a new section that was very interesting - "Antiques." From a stools made out of a tractor seat to antique radios, there's so many interesting things to check out. Here's some of our favorites.

For only $350, you can own a piece of history that could be up to 5 million years old! There were several different types of mammoths including the woolly mammoth (like what you'd see on Ice Age) and their tusks could be as long as 15 feet!


At first, when I looked up this extinguisher it said that it used soda acid as a main component. I thought, "well destroyed by fire or soda acid, your stuff wasn't coming back." Then digging deeper, I found that soda acid was contained in a chamber and propelled water onto the fire. According to Wikipedia, "A soda-acid extinguisher was patented in the U.S. in 1881 by Almon M. Granger. His extinguisher used the reaction between sodium bicarbonate solution and sulfuric acid to expel pressurized water onto a fire."



This particular doll was owned by one of the Reitz family girls. According to Muppet Wiki, "Charlie McCarthy is Edgar Bergen's famed ventriloquist dummy partner. Charlie was part of Bergen's act as early as high school, and by 1930, was attired in his famous top hat, tuxedo, and monocle. Charlie's personality was that of a mischievous little boy (with an Irish lilt), who could crack wise, misbehave, and flirt shamelessly in a way that Bergen couldn't (much the same way that the Muppet characters behaved more outrageously than any of their human co-stars)." Read more about the Charlie McCarthy doll here.