As I've driven through Warrick County the past few weeks, I noticed a couple of names that stirred my demented mind a little; there's the "Corne for Judge" sign and the "Bass for County Council" sign.  It put the thought in my head that maybe, if I found more names in the same genre, we could all think of this political season as a smorgasbord feast!  So I did a little digging, and although I only investigated Indiana names, I'd be willing to bet that I could find more tasty names in Kentucky and Illinois.  Just think about this:

Let's set the table with our table cloth, silverware and fancy crystal and get ready to eat!  We already have Corne and Bass on our plates, so now let's add some:

  • Hamm and Bacon (R. Hamm, St. Rep. Dist. 56 and R. Bacon, St. Rep. Dist. 75)
  • Fries (Ken Fries, St. Sen. District 15)
  • Berry(Julie Berry, St. Senate District 45)

and for dessert,

  • Cherry pie (R. Cherry, St. Rep. Dist. 53)

There!  You have a tasty and filling political meal on your table.  Hopefully, the individual entrees will taste good enough to satisfy our political hunger pangs!  Unfortunately, in the past, they have usually left us reaching for the Tums...