First off, I get it... I'm an Indianapolis Colts/Peyton Manning fan. I have an entire room in my house that is dedicated to the Colts. There is a ton of autographed memorabilia - even two signed Peyton Manning jerseys. On, is a Colts jersey, but the other one is a Denver Broncos jersey. It's the only non-Colts item in the room (besides the array of baby doll accessories my daughter scatters on the floor).

Here in Indiana, we love our Peyton - even if he is playing for the other team. I'd say roughly 95% of Colts fans are going to be watching the Super Bowl intently because our former star quarterback will be heading up the team. We put up our Peyton Manning memes and comments on Facebook and can't help but gloat about the defeat over the Pats.

But, one thing I have noticed over and over and over is that the other 53 active members are hardly spoken of. We forget about the team that has supported Peyton through a grueling season and will ultimately go to the Super Bowl together.

I wonder what kind of message we are sending to our children, friends and family by idolizing one player out of a team without even considering the actions from the other members. Football is a team sport - you can't possibly win a game of football on your own. Every position is critical.

So, if you are going to be a fan - be a real fan. Soak up the game, soak up the passion, soak up the team. Remember that it is more than one man on that football team. I think Peyton would agree.:)