Racial slurs being kicked around by a drunken imbecile in Central Indiana, last week, led to a bout of fisticuffs between two white men that ended in one man taking a much deserved butt whoopin’ while the other spent the night in a local jail.

According to a police report, 28-year old Jay Paul Clements was having a drink at Katz Pub when another man started harassing a black woman - also sitting at the bar - calling her a series of racially inappropriate names, including “the ‘N’ word.”

That’s when Clements stood up to defend the woman, leading to a fist fight breaking out between the two men. “(The other man) continued to make racial comments,” according to the report. “Mr. Clements and (the other man) went face to face by the front of the bar and began (fighting)… Mr. Clements took a glass cup and struck (the other man) on the side of the head causing injury to (his) ear and hitting an artery, causing blood to go everywhere.”

Unfortunately, even though witnesses told police that the only reason it appeared that Clements got involved in the altercation was because the other man was verbally assaulting the woman with racial slurs, authorities were still forced to take him to jail where he was charged with battery causing injury. We certainly hope that the judge shows this man some leniency.