If you've ever watched Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives on Food Network, or a similarly themed show, and thought owning a restaurant would be a fun, exciting, and rewarding adventure, here's a chance to turn that thought into a reality.

I'm not an expert on running a business, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a better opportunity for your first foray into the restaurant biz than The Pub. A favorite by many Evansville residents, the restaurant has sat quietly (and successfully) on the corner of Division Street and North Willow Road just east of the Highway 41 and Lloyd Expressway intersection for over three decades. It essentially comes with the formula for success built in, name recognition, established location, and a community that already knows where it is and what to expect when they get there. I would think a new owner would be smart to keep the name, and avoid tweaking the menu drastically.

After putting in "90 to 100 working hours a week" into the restaurant, 64-year old owner Larry Pollack tells Eyewitness News he's ready to part ways with what he considers to be his "third child" because it's time for him to slow down and start marking a few things off his bucket list including visiting every Major League Baseball stadium in the country.

There is no timetable for the sale, although Pollack says he has received offers from interested parties.