Headed into the dreaded job interview? Give yourself the competitive advantage by following these ten easy guidelines! Also, be sure to check out the Job Fair sponsored by the US Army this Thursday! See details below.

  • Wear something nice. You don't necessarily have to wear a suit (unless you are applying for a power position) but even if you think you have the job in the bag, the position won't require you to dress up, or know the person who is interviewing you, don't come to a job interview wearing sweats or looking sloppy.
  • Look your interviewer in the eye. It shows confidence and truthfulness.
  • Bring a resume and cover letter with you. Remember in Legally Blonde when she sends in her letter on pink scented paper because it gave it a 'little something extra'? She wasn't so dumb after all now was she?!
  • Smile! You will probably be nervous but if you smile, your interviewer is likely to smile back and things won't seem so overwhelming.
  • Shake hands with a firm grip.
  • Don't overly agree with your interviewer. Show them that you have your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Take notice of something in the interviewers office and comment on it. You will appear to have a warm personality and aware of your surroundings.
  • Do your homework on the business before you come in.
  • Ask questions! You want to get to know their business! You are interested in their business! Refer back to your 'homework' - 'When researching your company, I noticed that you opened in 1983. Was that this location or the whole company?'
  • Give yourself a break... Don't work yourself up. Stretch before going in to a job interview. Breathe deep. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself down, psyche yourself up and have fun with it!

Job Fair Sponsored by the US Army

Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013
Time: 2pm – 7pm
Location: Evansville Armory
Cost: Free


US Army
Southwestern Healthcare
Roger Hair Academy
Harrison College
Frito Lay
Raben Tire
Indiana Tech
Republic Services
SIRS (pronounced like madams and sirs)
Landscapes by Dallas Foster
Bankers Life and Casualty
SRG Global
New Life Corp
Dungarvin Ind
Air Quality Services
Springleaf Financial
Home Depot
American Life
Easter Seals
Unity Taxi
Evansville Arc
Charitable Resource Foundation
PC Quest
Ellis Park
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