Demonstrators rallied in front of the IRS offices in Evansville today to protest the recent revelations of improper targeting of the party and other conservative groups.

The protesters were greeted by thumbs up and horns honking from drivers that were passing by on Eagle Crest Boulevard off the Lloyd Expressway on the east side.

The Evansville protest was on of over 100 protests that took place today at IRS offices from coast to coast.

In Cincinnati activists chanted “IRS has got to go” and called the agency the “internal revenge service” and “illegal research system” on rally signs. In Washington, DC, a few dozen protesters gathered outside IRS headquarters with similar signs, calling for the IRS to be audited and even abolished.

A Northern California Tea Party chapter filed a lawsuit against the IRS in a federal court in Cincinnati in conjunction with the protests, the first such suit against the agency in wake of the controversy. The case filed Monday by the NorCal Tea Party Patriots claims that the scrutiny it received at the hands of the IRS violated both its right to privacy and freedom of speech.