MomKat’s Best Burgoo Family Recipe
As a child, I remember walking the streets of the BBQ Festival - smelling the smoky decadence of the meats and tasting the tangy sweetness of the bar-b-que. It was only after I became older that I came to appreciate another Owensboro delicacy that takes center stage at the BBQ Fest - Burgoo!
Man Claiming to Be ‘King of China’ Threatens Evansville Police
Over the weekend, the wild, wild world of Southern Indiana exposed an incident that nearly led to two-fisted international affairs, after Evansville Police say a man claiming to be the “King of China” threatened an officer.
According to reports, police were dispatched near the West Side Library on Fr…
Germania Maennerchor of Evansville Gears Up for Volksfest 2012
I had the pleasure of visiting my extended family in Eisenstein, Germany, several years ago. My grandfather left Germany when he was very young and moved to Park Falls, Wisconsin, when he was just a tot and my grandmother's parents (who were also from Eisenstein) had moved to the same area befo…
New Survey Says 1 in 5 Hoosier Children Are Living in Poverty
In the wake of hard economic times for Hoosiers, a new survey has emerged revealing that one out of five Indiana children is living in poverty - What’s more is that figure is up nearly 30 percent since 2005.
According to the latest Kids Count survey conducted by the Casey Foundation, Indiana ranks 31…

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