Billions of Other Earths Exist, So What About Other Lifeforms?
When I was a kid, I often looked up at the stars and wondered about life that might exist on other worlds out in space. When I became a teacher in an elementary school and taught science, I would have at least one student (usually several) every year that would ask me if I thought there was other li…
College Professor Sets Off Ping-Pong Ball Explosion
Dr. Roy Lowry wanted to demonstrate a few basic principles of science, notably the behavior of liquid nitrogen under pressure. But how to get that across in a way that even the least scientifically curious student would think of as awesome.
Easy: Just add ping-pong balls!
Science Confirms That Itching Is Contagious
Scientists have confirmed that viewing somebody itch makes a person more likely to itch themselves.
Researchers at Wake Forest University had 25 volunteers watch a five minute video of a person either scratching their arm or sitting idly. As the videos played, the volunteers who were viewing the imag…