New Study Finds Humans Could Live to Be 500-Years-Old
With the help of modern medicine, the average human lifespan has increased exponentially over the past few centuries, but now a group of mad scientists predict that a recent breakthrough could hold the answer to keeping humans alive a lot longer – for 500 years.
Japanese Scientists Use Human Waste to Create Meat [VIDEO]
If you weren’t vegetarian before, perhaps it’s time to make the switch. Scientists in Japan have now created a way to synthesize “beef steaks” from human feces. The discovery was made after a Tokyo sewage plant approached scientists, asking them if they could figure out a way…
Modified Dairy Cows Produce Human Milk in China
Scientists in China have genetically modified a batch of cows so that they can now produce human breast milk opposed to regular cow's milk. The researchers at the Agricultural University in Beijing did so by injecting the human gene that makes milk into 300 bovine embryos.