LST 325

Top 10 Things to Do in Evansville According to TripAdvisor
One of the biggest gripes people from Evansville have is that there's nothing to do. As a native myself, I've certainly said that a time or ten. Maybe it's because we're too "inside the box." Meaning we can't step back and see what our city has to offer because we're too close. We're here …
The LST 325 Returns Home from Summer Cruise
From Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke's Office
The LST 325 is headed back to Evansville after it's annual summer cruise. It departed from Chattanooga, TN earlier this week and expected to be back by Sunday afternoon.
Evansville Planning Welcome Home for LST 325
Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will proclaim Monday, September 23, 2013, as “LST 325 Homecoming Day” in Evansville, and the barge where the Landing Ship Tank (LST) docks most of the year will be repainted this week in preparation for the return of Evansville’s warship from an annual fundrais…
LST 325 Sails to Texas for Routine Maintenance
The LST 325 will set sail for Port Arthur, Texas at 10am on Monday, where the ship will be in dry dock for six weeks to undergo routine maintenance and repairs. The ship is scheduled to return to Evansville in about two months.