5 Tips to Avoid Epic Failure at Graduation
Well, we've come to that exciting time of year again where students who've put in years of hard work are finally basking in the light at the end of the tunnel as they cross the threshold of completing a major chapter in their lives, and now they feel like they can conquer pretty much anyth…
5 Easy And Healthy School Lunches
Brown bag lunches are a great opportunity to give your child the nutrition and energy he or she needs to stay focused for the rest of the day, and it doesn't have to be a chore. These 10 meals require only minutes to prepare, and you can refrigerate them in the lunch box overnight so they'…
5 Creative Themes for Your Child’s Sleepover
Slumber parties have incredible potential for chaos, with the combination of sleepy kids, liquids moments before bedtime, and shovelfuls of junk food. Adequate planning will ensure less stress for you and more fun for your children. These themes are sure to keep everyone happy and entertained until …
Project Princess Through The Eyes of a College Student
by Dara Mann, USI Student

Ladies, how do you imagine your high school prom?  Do you imagine looking and feeling like a princess? Or if your high school prom was in the past, did it turn out to be one of your best memories? How long did it take to find just the right dress? Right here in our own commu…
Will My Job Pay For My Education?
The University of Kentucky is one of 30 schools across the nation to use GradSense, a new service online that helps college students ascertain whether or not their future occupations will be enough to pay off the huge debt incurred over the course of their educations.
EVSC Will Extend More School Days
Here come the extended schools round 2.
To make up for the last snow day of the winter, EVSC will add an hour to six more school days.
The six consecutive school days to be lengthened are March 31 through April 7.
EVSC officials say that timing will allow more prep time for ISTEP testing which starts s…

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