What Makes a Beer a ‘Stout’?
If you've seen all of the different shades of beer, no doubt you've seen this one that's dark. I mean, really dark. You can't even see through it. It basically looks (and sometimes smells) like black coffee. Stout beers are pretty popular, but what makes them qualify as a stout b…
Spread the News on the Booze! Spreadable Beer Exists
Yes, beer is now in jelly form and it's been getting rave reviews. Despite my catchy headline, you can't catch a buzz from your beer smeared bagel, but it sounds delightful and has given me 3 great sandwich ideas that I really want to try.
How To Pour The Perfect Beer [Video]
Beer is without question, one of the most universally loved adult beverages around the world. October is a huge month for beer thanks to Oktoberfest celebrations around the globe. Pouring a beer is very tricky because of the bubbles and not knowing how to pour a beer can make for a much less enjoyab…
Great News – New Study Says Beer Is Actually Good For The Brain
Beer lovers rejoice!!! A new study suggests that drinking beer has a positive impact on the brain and actually improves your cognitive thinking.....I knew it!! All of this wonderful news is the result of what scientists have found out about Flavonoids, which are compounds found in plants.

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