Strawberry with Cream (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

I must admit that I will hunt for and eat strawberries year ‘round because I enjoy them so much.  A juicy, ripe and flavorful strawberry is one of Heaven’s gifts on Earth, as far as I’m concerned.  So when Indiana’s strawberry season blooms, I’m ready for slurrpin’ up the strawberries!

I love the locally grown Tri-State strawberries the most.  I enjoy them plain, in smoothies, on ice cream, in cakes, in pies…heck, I’ll put ‘em on my peanut butter sandwiches.  Just “show me the strawberries!”  (Jerry Maguire movie reference.)

It’s fun, too, to gather up the family and head to a “You Pick ‘em” orchard and spend some time together, bent over, looking for the juiciest and reddest strawberries, begging to be picked and eaten!  Strawberry pickin’ time is just around the corner and here are some locations for you to try (click and look for your county).