Recently I had the pleasure of viewing an old antique horror film from 1963 in its new Blu-ray version, and was properly amazed by the picture quality of this new release. "The Terror" is only remembered today for its cast:  Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson...Jack plays an officer in the French army of the early 1800s. No, really. Can you say "miscasting?"  There's a lot of skulking around an old cobwebby castle, dire portents abounding, horrific images of dead bodies, an evil witch, a suspicious butler played by Dick Miller, Boris Karloff looking a bit confused because there was no completed script when his scenes were shot and above of the most inept performances you'll ever see from Jack Nicholson. I saw the film in '63 having never seen Jack before and wondered how this goofy looking guy ever got the job, and just KNEW he'd never work again. But he did and became the legend we know today. If you'd like a rather unique Blu-ray experience - look this one up. It is a genuine hoot of a low-budget horror and deserves to be seen today - especially in its newly restored form. "The Terror" - 2 stars.