The most popular movie on planet Earth right now stars Vin Diesel and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. Somehow I knew Diesel was gonna be huge when I saw him in "Pitch Black" many years ago, and said so publicly. Always be careful what you wish for, kids. It's called "Fast Five" and picks up our street-racing outlaw family on the run in Rio. Yes, "Rio by the sea-o" yet again. There's a local meanie with about 100 million in cool Brazilian cash stashed in a very BIG safe and our happy band of high-octane miscreants is out to break into the police station where the safe is located. Mass vehicular mayhem, giant explosions and unintelligible line readings by Vin Diesel ensue.

"Fast Five" is the latest in the "Fast and the Furious" franchise and as sequels go, this one delivers the goods:  fast cars, beautiful babes, luscious locations and LOTS of stuff blowing up. Who could ask for anything more? You don't wander into a Vin Diesel movie looking for incisive dialog, well-defined characters and great acting, and you sure don't get any of that here. Just what you hoped for - mega-budget action fun carried to a level of fantasy you don't see very often. How do any of these characters survive this plot? Because the script says so, that's why. Don't ask so many questions.

"Fast Five" - 3 stars for pure summer action blockbuster fun best enjoyed with popcorn and a large box of Junior Mints.