-By Annie Jenkins

A six hour standoff on Evansville's south-east side ends in tragedy with the death of two people...one the mother of two small boys.

Authorities say the suspect, Steven Rickard (age unknown), apparently entered the home at 1909 Vann Avenue sometime early Monday afternoon. Around 3:30, a call was placed to 911 by one of Jennifer Peters (28) sons...saying his mother had been shot in the head.

The boys, age 6 and 12, were told to leave the house and managed to reach safety. But when police arrived at the home...Rickard was attempting to leave, and opened fire on police. He then went back into the house and barricaded himself there for the next six hours.

Early on in the standoff, Rickard released an older woman who was also in the home. (Her relationship to the victim and her sons is still unclear) However; Rickard remained in the house and refused to tell police what had happened to the mother of the boys, Jennifer Peters (28), or let anyone in to care for her.

In the police report...around 10pm, police fired tear gas into the home. When they entered they found Rickard holding guns. They opened fire on Rickard and he was taken into custody. Peters was then found dead inside the home. Rickard apparently admitted to killing Jennifer Peters.

Rickard later died of his injuries.