(Dave Westrich)

The trampoline in our back yard provides hours of bouncing fun for Emily and Elliot.  Elliot bounces simply to bounce around.  Emily does that too, but she also practices her cheers and tumbling.  We all realize that bouncing on a trampoline is lots of fun, but it’s also great exercise for the muscles and cardiovascular system.  And as great as it is to have one of these, it doesn’t compare to what’s coming for Evansville area residents – a Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

It’s expected to open in late May or early June in a vacant former retail building at 49 N. Green River Rd., close to Burlington Coat Factory.  Sky Zone Trampoline Park won’t have just one or two or three trampolines, it will have several trampoline-walled courts.  Each court will have an array of trampolines set up side-by-side.  Bouncing on one of these courts will give visitors bouncing opportunities they haven’t ever experienced before; bounce from one trampoline to another, bounce off and land in foam blocks or even play a trampoline-based dodgeball game.

Sounds from the description like a ton of fun, right?  “Bouncing off the walls” will take on a whole new meaning.  Once my kids find out about it and try Sky Zone Trampoline Park, they may never come home!