For a lot of people in Evansville the budget debate caught our attention because the Blue Angels are part of the debate. The Blue Angels are scheduled to be in Evansville in July for the Hadi ShrinersFest and Congress has placed the future of the flying group in question.

The Shriners are still confident that the airshow in Evansville will go on as planned. A spokesman for the Shriners, Dale Thomas said, “The Blue Angels are still coming. We have no cancellations from them.”

“I’m confident the (Blue Angels) are trying to do everything they can,” he said. “But that final decision is up to whatever Congress does and not us.”

The Shriners have also lined up five other acts for the airshow and they plan for the airshow to happen with or without the Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels cancelled their appearance in Evansville in 2011 after one of the pilots was suspended.