Recently there's been a push to open up more roads to All-Terrain Vehicles, usually called "four-wheelers."  Yet, studies have shown that ATV accidents on roadways are widespread and have been increasing over the years.  In most states, farmers and others who use ATVs for work already are permitted to use them on public roads. Trail riders are also permitted to cross public roads with them.  So why the push to grant ATVs more public road access?

I live out in the country and I've seen first-hand some close calls due to reckless driving of ATV riders.  Most of the time, it's young adults or "kids" who are on the road and driving inappropriately, but sometimes it's full grown adults who know better.  I was once run off the road by a drug dealer trying to escape a pursuing law enforcement officer.

ATV crashes kill more than 700 people and injure about 100,000 every year.  Almost two-thirds of those take place on public and private roads.  So it seems illogical to me that we should allow even more ATV travel on our roads.

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