Singing like Steve Perry is no easy task even on your best day...and trying to sing his songs when you have severe laryngeal and esophageal inflammation is an impossible task. That's exactly what's happening with Journey singer Arnel Pineda.

Doctors have instructed Pineda (pictured) NOT to perform for the next week. So, unfortunately, the Jouney & Pat Benatar show scheduled for tonight at the Ford Center has been postponed. The tour will take have to miss the next five shows. They plan on resuming the tour on November 16th in Milwaukee.

There are plans to reschedule tonight's show and make it up in January or February of 2013. We have been told that tickets for the Evansville show will be honored for the rescheduled show. Refunds can also be obtained at point of purchase.

Pineda's story is actually very cool. This guy sounds exactly like Steve Perry. The members of Journey heard about him...saw some YouTube videos of him...and brought him to America to see if he wanted to join the band. Next thing you know, they're touring. Check out the video below to hear this guy.