As Jenny and I contemplate selling our home, we began investigating ways that will improve our chances of succeeding in that goal.  I thought I would share these ideas with you just in case you find yourself in the same position in the not-so-distant future.  Be sure to do your best at taking care of these problems before trying to sell your home.  The more problems you eradicate, the better your chances of selling your home.

Here are some problem areas to pay attention to:

  • Get rid of the dirt in and the neglect of your home.  Clean up and spruce up!
  • Get rid of odors!  No one wants to think of living with your smells.
  • Reduce clutter as much as possible.
  • Trim lawn, bushes and get rid of the weeds.  This improves the curb appeal.
  • Get a home inspection done by a professional before showing your home.
  • Replace old carpeting.  New carpeting looks much more attractive.
  • Repaint inside (and outside, if needed).
  • Make minor repairs wherever they exist; toilets, lights, water, etc.
  • Get a feel for a reasonable price for your home.  A high price can sink the sale.

We'll soon be working on all of these things in our home in hopes of getting the most out of the sale.  If you're in the same position as we are, remember that a little bit of money invested with a little bit of work can make that sale happen!