Some good advice from the EPD Facebook page. If you are in Evansville and you get in a wreck, here is what you should do:

  • If nobody is hurt and all cars are drivable, exchange information. Names, phone numbers, insurance info, car info.
  • If someone is hurt or any of the cars need to be towed, call 911. An officer will come out, but it will probably take a while for them to get there.
  • Stay with your car while you wait. We will get to you as quick and safely as we can.
  • There are many slide-offs and stuck vehicles. As the snow slows, crews will be able to catch up with the snow removal. Vehicles that are left in the roadways will be removed to allow traffic to return to it"s normal flow. Make sure you have made arrangements to get your car moved so it does not get towed