Our man Rush is still on top of the talk radio heap, according to Talkers Magazine.

The latest numbers have been tallied and there has not been significant change in the landscape of the national scene. Premiere Networks talk superstar Rush Limbaugh maintains his spot as the top news/talk personality on the newly released bi-annual Top Talk Radio Audiences chart with a cume of 15 million-plus weekly listeners according to research from TALKERS. Premiere Networks star Sean Hannity maintains his perennial power perch close behind in second place with a cume of 14 million-plus weekly listeners. Rounding out the top three is Talk Radio Network firebrand Michael Savage with a cume of 9 million-plus weekly listeners. Running strong and filling out the top six positions are Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Dave Ramsey – all tied at number four showing weekly cumes of 8.5 million-plus listeners each.

Talkers Magazine