Stop everything, I repeat: A Roseanne reboot is in the works! Who else better at the helm than Roseanne herself? Roseanne confirmed in a series of tweets that she did want to do a reboot and that she's writing the episodes herself.

Many online publications have confirmed that there is a Roseanne reboot being shopped around to networks with half of the original cast already signed on including John Goodman and Sara Gilbert (and possibly Johnny Galecki). This comes on the heels of the show's 30th anniversary due in May. Roseanne even hints on her official Twitter account in a Twitter thread that she will re-hire comedian and actor Norm Macdonald to help her write the series!

With the wildly successful reboots of shows like Gilmore Girls and Fuller House, I can't see any way that a Roseanne reboot won't happen!

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