I headed to the east side for lunch today, which is a rare thing for me. Since our office is downtown, I usually head north or west for food...and it has been weeks or months since I've driven that way. And boy was I shocked to see what was left of Roberts Stadium.

So on my way back to work I decided to stop and get some pictures. It was really interesting (or sad, depending on your stance on the stadium) to see Roberts Stadium reduced to just a steel frame. From the parking lot of the Reserve Center you can see down where the basement/loading area was and actually in to the stadium. I was also able to get some shots from the Lloyd and from the Roberts Stadium parking lot. Check out the pics below.

And if you get the chance, take and minute to maybe drive through the lot and see the demolition project. It seems like the stadium won't be there much longer, so this might be your last chance to get a glimpse and reminisce.

Looking into the basement
From the Lloyd Expressway
From the Swonder parking lot.
From the stadium parking lot.