If you like to be a thrifty shopper, then you may not want to purchase your trick or treating candy just yet.  Wait until it's closer to Halloween because the closer the holiday gets, the more candy bargains you'll find.  That's just one tip for saving money when it's time for the ghosts and goblins to come calling on your doorstep.  Here are some more tips: 

  • Look for and use coupons!  They're pretty much everywhere; in the Sunday newspaper, on-line, on receipts, etc.  When you combine the savings from the coupons with the savings of buying candy closer to Halloween, you can save a bundle.
  • Be sure to buy candy that you aren't tempted to eat.  When you buy the stuff that makes you drool, you'll most likely dig into it yourself and eat your savings away.
  • When the monsters knock on the door, dole out the candy yourself.  Don't allow the kids to help themselves.  If you leave a self-serve bowl of candy, your stock will be gone quickly, and you and the other trick or treaters will be very disappointed that the candy is all gone.
  • Look for other things to give out besides candy.  Sometimes you can get bargains on things that aren't candy, such as small toys, pencils and other non-candy "treats."

So don't spend big bucks this Halloween.  You can be thrifty and still provide a happy Halloween for everyone!