Some artists are big in Japan; some cannot even get arrested in their hometown. However, if you are “zero-time” Grammy award winner Gucci Mane, it is your inability to get arrested in Evansville that could be an indication that you may need to fill out an employment application at McDonald's upon pulling into the next town.

Over the weekend, rapper Gucci Mane showed up in Evansville for a performance at the Downtown Coliseum with an outstanding arrest warrant on felony aggravated assault charges. Authorities in Atlanta issued the warrant after a fan claimed that Mane smashed him across the head with a Champagne bottle, according to the Associated Press.

What interesting is that even though the Evansville Police Department was aware of the warrant, Assistant Chief Chris Pugh says that they could not arrest him because the warrant only allows for extradition from adjoining states. Incidentally, even though there are special circumstances that can sometimes allow a state to expand the extradition area, Atlanta police said they were not interested in going to those lengths regarding the rapper.

Authorities say that Gucci Mane, whose birth name is Radric Davis, assaulted a 32-year-old Texas man who was trying to get a picture with the rapper at the Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge. The assault led to the man being taken to a local hospital where he reportedly received 10 stitches.

It seems that the rapper's career as a trouble making thug supersedes his menial career as an artist: Mane has recently spent time in county jail for charges from battery, reckless conduct and disorderly conduct to aggravated assault, and was even ordered by a Superior Court judge in 2011 to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.