Have you ever been pulled over while driving for speeding?  At one time in our lives, we all may have had the "pleasure" of being tracked with radar by law enforcement.  We're all aware, as well, that radar is used for tracking storms and other weather phenomena.  So how about using it for finding those great big, car and house-swallowing empty spaces called, sinkholes?  Yep.  It's the latest thing coming from (of all places) NASA.

I have been tracked by law enforcement and I've been in many a storm tracked by radar, but I've never been a victim of falling into a sinkhole, thank goodness.  NASA may be able to help me (and you) from ever doing that with their latest radar system.

In 2012, a gigantic sinkhole caused many hundreds of people in Louisiana to be evacuated.  When NASA looked at radar images taken by satellites and planes, they discovered that there had been a shifting of the ground in the area (near Bayou Corne) at least a month before the huge sinkhole began forming.  At this time, the sinkhole is 25 acres large and is still growing!  NASA is hoping, as am I, that they will be able to predict the location of sinkholes in the future, which should protect lives.