Electrical issues could be to blame for a plane crash that happened over the weekend in Northern Indiana. Authorities say that at least two people were killed and several others seriously injured, after a private jet stalled out on its way to make an emergency landing at South Bend Regional Airport, causing it to crash into a nearby residential neighborhood.

While officials from the FAA say they are still investigating the crash, a spokesperson for the agency is confirming that two people aboard the plane have been killed while two others were injured. So far, only one resident has reportedly received treatment for serious injuries as the result of the crash.

Officials in Indiana say that all of the people and homes that were affected by the crash have been accounted for, but they plan to continue a 1,000-foot perimeter barricade until all of the fuel trapped in one of the basements has been removed. Interestingly, authorities say that even with the amount of fuel that has been spilled at the crash site, there have been no fires.

It is expected that officials from the FAA will have a more detailed report as to what happened within the next 10 days.