Every time my doorbell rings and I'm not expecting someone, I cringe because I have a pretty good idea of who is behind my front door. It's almost always a child selling overpriced fundraiser merchandise that I don't want or need.

I have purchased flower bulbs, candles, cookies, cookie dough, popcorn, magazines, wrapping paper, car wash certificates, food and mulch - and I don't even use mulch! We have landscaping rock! I could avoid answering the door but I have big glass window panels on either side of my front door and in order for me to see out, the person on my front porch can see me. I could say, "no thanks," but I remember being a school-age child who was rejected by my neighbors when selling Girl Scout cookies. It left a lasting scar - which is probably why I'm not in nor will ever be in sales.

I don't understand why schools and organizations pick such high priced items that people just don't want. Who says, "YES, $10 wrapping paper that I can get at the Dollar Store for $1"? No one! Not ever!

After I opted out of the Girl Scouts, my parents made the decision to just pay my way into all trips, organizations and school had to rely on their government funds - which I urge parents to do as well.

Today, there are only TWO fundraisers that I look forward to. Girl Scout cookies and World's Finest chocolate bars. They are delicious and still only $1. Plus, you can leave them out in the community kitchen at work and not pester your co-workers.

I don't need any more $20 Hawaiian scented candles! I don't need an eight-pound bag of cookie dough and sorry Castle football, I DON'T NEED MULCH. What I need is... chocolate... for $1.