Ohio police confirm one of the five students shot at Chardon High School near Cleveland this morning has died. They have also released the name of the teenage gunman who opened fire on his classmates.

Officials tell Ohio news stations 17 year old T.J. Lane shot the five students (one girl and four boys) in the cafeteria of Chardon High School around 7:40am EDT this morning.

Family members say 17 year old Daniel Parmentor died of his wounds a short time after being rescued from the scene of the shooting

Students who witnessed the shooting say it appeared Lane was targeting a group of students sitting at a table in the cafeteria. The boy, Danny Komertz, told news agencies there were about 100 students in the cafeteria this morning, some waiting for a connecting bus to another school.

He described the alleged shooter as a known outcast who had apparently been bullied.

School officials say a teacher was able to chase Lane out of the cafeteria and the school. Lane later turned himself in to some bystanders about half a mile from the scene. Police say he is cooperating and has not been charged as yet. He apparently posted pictures of himself holding guns on his Twitter account Sunday along with a sign bearing Sunday's date and the world "Omegle", the name of an internet chatroom.

Chardon's 1,100 student body will return to classes on Wednesday with grief counselors at the school.

The Governor of Ohio, John R. Kasich, issued a statement of support and sympathy after the shooting:

"Please join me in praying for the students who've been injured in this horrible crime. Praise goes to the Chardon Police and Geauga County Sheriff's office for quickly getting this situation under control. I've pledged Ohio's full support to them, the school and the local community in this difficult time."

Senator Sherrod Brown also issued a statement of support to the victims of the shooting:

"My thoughts and prayers are with the Chardon community today. I join Ohioans across the state in praying for the speedy recovery of the students that have been injured," Brown said. "I stand ready to provide whatever assistance possible to the victims and their families-as well as to local, state, and federal law enforcement to ensure that the suspect is brought to justice."

Ohio police and school officials have said routine emergency drills and increased security kept this school shooting from turning more deadly.

What do you think about the safety of our schools?