I've had my classic grey New Balance shoes for ten years now. I remember getting them in the spring of 2004. I wore them today and I started thinking that these silly shoes make me happy and always have. So, I wrote a poem for them. If you have a pair of Newbies, you know what I'm talking about.


by Ashley Sollars

Ode to my Newbies, you've carried me far.
You've been protecting my feet since two thousand and four.


Your grey exterior never gets shabby.
You look cute with jeans, you make me less crabby.
You are a classic, a staple, never out of style.
You're an old friend, you make me smile.


You bode well in the washer, you never complain.
You save me from insults of being sooo lame.


You are my vacation go-to, never a sore.
We've traveled so many miles galore!


Sad is the day when I have to hang you up.
But sweet little Newbie, you're still just a pup.
And for your deepest dedication.
I'll show you some appreciation.
I bought you a buddy, a matching grey sweater.
I'm hoping to have another ten years together.