I realize there are still a few days left in the month, but No Shave November officially came to an end on Monday, with a special ceremony held at Deaconess Hospital.

It bears repeating one more time the reason why we promote No Shave November. It's more than just a silly "contest" or excuse for men to grow a bushy (or pathetic) beard. The reason we do this is to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancers - and to hopefully get a more men screened. Early detection with these cancers is vital, as they are very treatable if detected early enough.

Maybe you're too young to think about this stuff right now. What does this have to do with "younger" men? That's fair. Well, I'm still several years away from needing a screening - but you know what, I have a father and father-in-law who are perfect candidates. I want those guys to be around as long as possible to see my kids grow. What about your dad or grandpa? Have a quick chat with them about the topic. Isn't it worth at least a little effort on your part to keep them as healthy as possible?

Okay...on to the pics. I find it humorous that I couldn't wait for my beard to grow back in (it was back to normal by about mid-month) while my buddy Ryan O'Bryan was so excited for Monday because it meant he could finally shave his face. I guess if my growth looked like his I would keep it shaved off as well. Now the question for me becomes, how long do I keep going without shaving (or trimming)? I'm thinking maybe through the end of the year.

Below are all of the pics I took throughout the month. By the way...I hate taking selfies, and I only did it for this campaign. I realize how ridiculous I look. Mocking is welcomed and encouraged.

Bobby G-November 1st
Bobby G-November 4th
Bobby G-November 6th
Bobby G-November 7th
Bobby G-November 8th
Bobby G-November 11th
Bobby G-November 12th
Bobby G-November 13th
Bobby G-November 14th
Bobby G-November 15th
Bobby G-November 18th
Bobby G-November 19th
Bobby G-November 20th
Bobby G-November 21st
Bobby G-November 24th