Beware, using your cell phone while driving in Illinois is now illegal.

With the coming of the new year also comes new laws, 40,000 of them nationwide.

In addition to the ban on cell phones, Illinois has raised its speed limit to 70 mph on rule interstates, and people under the age of 18 are no longer allowed to visit tanning salons.

Some new laws related to the elections go into effect now, in Arkansas voters must show photo ID at polling places and in Virginia people can register to vote online.

Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island all raised the minimum wage.

In Rhode Island it is now illegal for potential employers to inquire about an applicant's criminal history on written applications.

Delaware has banned the sale of shark fins.

In Oregon it is now legal for new mothers to take the placenta home.

And marijuana is now being legally sold in the state of Colorado.