According to a new report, girls being raised in Indiana are susceptible to more trials and tribulations than their male counterparts and peers across the nation.

Researchers at St. Mary’s College recently put Hoosier girls under the microscope in hopes of getting a detailed look into their overall health and well-being. What they found was that high school aged girls living in Indiana  have a greater chance at battling obesity than girls in other states – nearly 19-percent are reportedly overweight and almost 12-percent fall into the ranks of obese.

What’s worse is that nearly a third of female students in Indiana report feeling hopeless, which puts them at higher risk for attempting suicide, according to the report.

In addition to concerns over weight, the report indicates that high school girls in the Hoosier state are more likely to take diet pills, laxatives or reduce themselves to vomiting after meals in order to shed pounds.

On the subject of sex, the report finds that about 15-percent of high school girls claim they have been victims of rape, while more than the national average say they have been forced to engage in sex.

Sadly, the report also finds that girls seventh through ninth grade are more likely to smoke, drink or abuse prescription drugs than boys of the same age.

Study officials say they hope the information contained in the “Status of Girls in Indiana” study will persuade some much needed change across the state to improve the self image and self worth of young women.