I think it was American Express that made that popularized that little catch phrase "Never leave home without it." That's that topic of this here video. What is something that you can never leave home without?

Assuming that we all have an automobile or a domicile of some sort, I'm going to rule out keys - let's just all agree that we can't leave home without keys. I'm also going to include your phone on the list of banned items. But other than that, it's wide open. Now I'm sure there are some that would say they can't leave home without something sentimental like a picture of their kids, spouse, grandparents, etc. Or maybe you keep of lock of hair in your pocket, and wear a cross around your neck - I don't know how She Talks To Angels lyrics made their way into this post, let's move on.

As you'll see in my video, my items aren't nearly that special, but they are crucial to my existence. Watch the video and then leave your answer(s) in the comments.