A farm in Central Indiana is now under investigation after authorities say they discovered a barn with the carcasses of nearly a hundred animals stacked on top of each other, as well as a few surviving livestock that could only be described as “walking skeletons.”

Police say that for the past several days they had been receiving calls from surrounding neighbors complaining of a rotten stench coming from the farm. When deputies showed up at the farm on Tuesday evening to investigate, they reportedly found over 100 dead animals, including horses, sheep, cows and chickens all stuffed inside one barn.

The identity of the owners of the property has not been released because Madison County prosecutors say they are still try to decided whether they should press criminal charges.

Officials from the Animal Protection League, Inc say that it was sickening to see so many malnourished animals living in a barn full of carcasses. In total, 30 animals ranging from horses to rabbits were discovered alive on the property, all of which are currently undergoing veterinary treatment and seeking foster care.