We've had a trampoline in our back yard for a number of years.  Emily and Elliot, heck even Jenny and I, have enjoyed jumping, bouncing and playing on our trampoline.  Now Emily uses the trampoline primarily for practicing new tumbling skills and for building the strength in her legs for cheerleading.  Elliot just bounces around and, believe it or not, reads while lying in the sun on the trampoline.  With information recently released by the I.U. School of Medicine regarding the number of people hurt on trampolines, though, I wonder if the contraption should come down?

The rate for trampoline injuries all across the country is a high one.  Between 2002 and 2011, according to a study completed at the Indiana University School of Medicine, about one million people were injured and ended up in hospital emergency rooms as a result of using trampolines.  Plus, one has to wonder how many people were hurt and didn't go to an emergency room?

Common injuries were broken bones in the extremities, such as the fingers, toes, arms and legs.  The most serious injuries with trauma occurred around the age of 16.  Since my two kids are 13 and 15, that means they're approaching that critical junction.  So again, do I continue to stress trampoline safety and common sense to my children, showing them that I trust them and allowing them to continue to enjoy their trampoline, or do I not take the risk of playing trampoline Russian roulette and take the think apart?

What do you think?