Take a stroll downtown on the Evansville walkway and you'll probably see a familiar face. You see, our mayor, Lloyd Winnecke, is a bit of a health nut, and he's very fond of walking. He's even launched a YouTube channel to try and help Evansville get into shape and loose its reputation as the fattest city in the nation.


Mayor Winnecke hopes the fitness video on the YouTube channel, the first one up there, will motivate Evansville-ians to get off the couch and take part in a fitness program our city parks and recreation department will launch later this summer. He's even hoping some residents make a fitness video of their own to upload to the channel.


So what do you think? Will this get you motivated to turn off the TV and start moving or are you already looking for another can of chips to start chomping on?

So, no excuses people! We've got a direct order! LET'S GET MOVING EVANSVILLE!

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