Meth production and use is an ongoing problem that isn't slowing fact, the number of meth labs seem to be growing each year. But we're not giving up. Mayor Winnecke's No Meth Task Force and the EPD's Meth Suppression Unit are working harder than ever.

On this edition of Wednesdays With Winnecke, we give an update on what's happening when it comes to legislation about the ability to buy pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient needed to make meth. And we hear from members of the No Meth Task force. Our guests are Detective Brock Hensley, who is one of only four men on the EPD's Meth Suppression Unit...Monte Fetter who represents the Property Owners Management Association...and Local 7 and Eyewitness News anchor Brad Bird who is hosting the televised town hall meeting this Sunday night. The show's second segment focuses primarily on this weekend's town hall and how you can get involved.

Meth discussion - part 1

Meth discussion - part 2