On today's edition of Wednesdays With Winnecke, we talked about some event that are coming up NEXT week to celebrate National Bicycle Month, and just ways in general to get out and get active in Evansville.

Our guests were Roberta Heiman from the Evansville Parks Commission, and Paul Jensen from the Evansville Area Trails Coalition. Listen to their interview below to hear about the "Bike Ride of Silence", ride-your-bike-to-work day, and the "Streets Alive" event all happening next week.

National Bike Week/Month interview

The second segment of today's show was spent discussing a number of different topics. First of all, this will be the last new episode of Wednesdays With Wednesday until September. The summer is a very busy time for Mayor Winnecke, so he will need to take a hiatus from the show.

We talked about the Mayor's trip to Osnabrück, Germany, which he is currently on...and we revisited a few important topics that have been discussed in the past months on Wednesdays With Winnecke.

May 8th - segment 2