The LST has been away from it's Evansville home for a three week excursion to Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia. The ship is open through this weekend for tours in Owensboro before returning to it's home dock.

The LST will lift anchor and depart Owensboro at 8 AM on Monday and is expected in Evansville around noon.

A welcome home ceremony is being planned to greet the LST 325 and her crew when she arrives at the LST dock early Monday afternoon. The Convention & Visitors Bureau is encouraging the local boating community to form a flotilla near the twin bridges to escort the ship back to her home port. The LST 325 will make a pass-by in front of Dress Plaza prior to docking. This pass-by is expected between noon and 1 p.m. A limited quantity of American flags we be distributed to the public in attendance to salute our most hallowed war veterans as she passes.

Mayor Winnecke also encourages the public to attend the official welcome home ceremony at the LST dock. The ceremony will begin at approximately 1:30 p.m. Details of the program and other activities planned to celebrate the ship’s return will be released later this week.

Visit the LST Memorial website and click the link highlighted in red to follow the LST 325 on her voyage.