As spring and summer round the corner, weddings are sure to follow.  Jenny and I will be happily attending a wedding at the end of May and so, it's time to go wedding gift shopping.  Experience from our own wedding tells us that gifts are sometimes of little value to the wedding couple.  So, in preparation we're asking ourselves, "What can we afford that the wedding couple will truly appreciate?"  You may be facing this same situation, so here are a few suggestions.

Sure, we all want to give something of value, such as crystal or china, but maybe the couple would prefer something of lesser value that's of more value in other ways.  After all, how much do we use our fine china and crystal?  It may be an impressive gift to give, but it may not hold real value to the newlyweds.

Plus, too many people give gifts that they would like instead of what the couple would like.  Stay focused on what type of people you're giving the gift to and let that be your guide.

Giving a wedding gift of house cleaning, yardwork/landscaping, home-cooked meals delivered to them, or baby-sitting (if they have children) can be of great value to them and mean more than a fancy store-bought gift.

How about paying for the first month of utilities or buying a new energy-efficient appliance?

Gift cards, while thought to be impersonal by some, are extremely practical and invite the couple to use them however they wish.

Try giving a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast, tickets to some performance you know they would enjoy, or membership to an organization they're interested in and enjoy, such as Mesker Park Zoo, the museum, the Evansville Otters, etc.

Those are just a few ideas of how practicality is more valuable to the wedding couple, and to you, as a wedding gift.  Think about it and you may get more ideas!