Here's another piece of trivia about St. Patrick's Day that you may not know.  The United States, specifically Boston, began the tradition of holding a St. Patrick's Day parade before the U.S. Constitution was even thought about.  The first public celebration was held back in 1737!  So you would think, naturally, that the longest parade on record would be in Boston, but it's not.

If you're "into" parades, then you'll be interested in knowing that the longest St. Patrick's Day parade is the New York City parade, which got it's start in 1762.  Irish soldiers in the British Army were responsible for its beginnings.

Want to know the shortest St. Patrick's Day parade?  It's been a long-running gag and it's known as the First Ever 11th Annual World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade.  It takes place in Hot Springs, Arkansas with a parade processional that is less than 33 yards long.  It also happens to occur on one of the world's shortest streets, Bridge Street.

There's the long and short of it!